Mini Split in bedroomYou have many options to consider when you search for a mini split in Northglenn, CO. These types of systems have become popular in our area, especially amongst homeowners who don’t already have existing ductwork. Because you don’t need to hook a ductless mini split up to a central air system, it can work for a lot of people. In addition, technicians can install this type of HVAC system in almost any room in the home.

    The indoor unit just needs to connect to an outdoor unit through a conduit. Plus, you’ll have flexibility when it comes to the placement of any of these components. Another reason why mini splits work for many has to do with their versatility. Some systems can both heat homes in Northglenn in the winter and cool them in the summer.

    Installing Your Northglenn Mini Split

    Mini splits can do their jobs very effectively. If you’d like to sleep more comfortably, consider having technicians install one in your bedroom. This way, you can easily keep your room at your preferred temperature. If you’d like to keep your living room cooler so that everyone can enjoy hanging out together, technicians can install a ductless mini-split system there, too.

    Multiple indoor units can actually connect to the same outdoor unit. This gives you a way to create different heating and cooling zones at your Northglenn home. Many people have their indoor units mounted on walls, while some others may choose to have theirs hung from ceilings. A professional can work with you to determine the best configuration given your home’s layout.

    You’ll also want to consider several other factors when deciding on the exact model to purchase.
    • Cooling capacity
    • Operation options
    • Potential warranties
    • Efficiency preferences

    The industry uses SEER ratings to discuss efficiency. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. SEER ratings for mini splits usually start in the mid-teens, and the most efficient models could have ratings of over 30. This means that they can cool homes while using much less energy than some of their counterparts.

    Professional Ductless Mini Split Company

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    Mini Split on the house

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