Regular home HVAC air conditioner system and mini-split next to each other.If you’re having trouble with your heat pump, depend on Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for heat pump repair in Northglenn, CO.

    Our expert technicians specialize in all types of heat pumps, including all brands and models, new and old, dual fuel setups, and geothermal systems. Our team uses only high-quality parts and materials and restores systems per the manufacturers’ warranty requirements.

    Our Other HVAC Services in Northglenn, CO Include:

    Superior Heat Pump Repair Services

    We encourage area homeowners to schedule proactive heat pump repair in Northglenn. Many people will hear or see a minor issue and hope it’s nothing and will go away on its own. Often, that little issue becomes a big problem down the line and a lot more expensive to fix.

    Among the most common issues with heat pumps is uneven heating or cooling. This is when you experience warm or cold spots in the home. You may even have an entire room that feels too warm in summer or too cool in winter. That’s despite the rest of the house feeling fine.

    We also encourage our customers to pay attention to how long their unit cycles. The cycle is the period between turning on and turning off again. If you begin to notice long cycles or the unit turning on frequently, it’s a sign of a larger issue.

    heat pump repair

    Monitor your electricity costs month to month and year to year. If you notice a sudden spike in the bill, there is an energy efficiency issue. In the best case, maybe you have a dirty HVAC filter. In the worst case, it could indicate a failing condenser or other component.

    Listen to your heat pump when it turns on, too. If it turns on with a bang or excessively vibrates, it’s hard to start. It’s better to correct that issue as early as possible. Left unchecked, it will eventually cause your heat pump to trip the circuit breaker.

    The benefits of timely heat pump repair include:
    • Lower repair costs
    • Better home comfort
    • Higher energy efficiency
    • Decreased overall equipment costs
    • Reduced month-to-month heating and cooling costs

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    Top-Rated Heat Pumps in Northglenn

    When it comes to heat pumps in Northglenn, Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is the company to trust. We are an established company that homeowners in the area have trusted for more than 15 years.

    Our company proudly employs NATE-certified technicians and provides them with continued education. We have earned and maintained BBB accreditation with an A+ rating. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee gives our customers peace of mind.

    Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is the premier provider of heating and cooling services in the region. If you need heat pump repair in Northglenn, call us as soon as possible or contact us online.