Tankless water heaters in Denver, CO, have gained popularity. Many people find them practical because they use less energy than conventional water heaters, which heat water in large tanks. Some heat gets lost from those tanks, and as a result, conventional water heaters have to work extra hard to keep the water in their tanks at a high temperature.

With a tankless hot water heater, in contrast, the water only gets heated when necessary. It makes sense that some people in Denver refer to tankless versions as on-demand water heaters. The water only gets heated once the hot water faucet gets turned on.

Otherwise, the heater can rest, and this can save you a lot of energy. Gas tankless water heaters and electric tankless water heaters can typically last a fairly long time, with electric models exhibiting the greatest efficiency.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters

As you might imagine, tankless heaters don’t take up that much space. You can place one of these heaters in a variety of locations, such as a garage, basement, or utility room. You could even place a small one under a sink or in a bathroom cabinet. You may experience better results in terms of hotter water and quicker delivery if you place your water heater near the bathroom or kitchen.

When shopping for a new tankless water heater, keep the following in mind.
  • Size of unit
  • Efficiency rating
  • Any applicable warranties
  • High-tech features

You’ll want to get a unit sized appropriately for your needs. If you only need a water heater for a shower, it doesn’t necessarily need to have a high flow rate. A flow rate of around two or three gallons per minute may work well.

On the other hand, if you need a water heater for your entire home and plan on running the shower and the dishwasher at the same time, for instance, you’ll need something larger. Fortunately, manufacturers make a wide variety of products. Some of those products come with advanced technology. You may find some models with programmable settings and the ability to receive information through smartphones or tablets.

Tankless Water Heaters in Denver

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