May 11, 2021

An air conditioning unit works through advanced control of airflow, pressure, and temperature. If one of these elements goes off balance, the refrigerant unit that forms cold air may overclock and even freeze itself. A frozen AC unit will either blow cool or warm air in your house or nothing at all. Here are some of the reasons why the air conditioning unit is freezing and what you can do to solve or prevent the problem.

1. Low Outdoor Temperatures

An air conditioner is not meant to run if the outside temperatures are below 62 degrees. Running your AC when the outdoor temperatures are extremely low can make the unit’s refrigerant get too cold. As a result, the refrigerant might freeze the moisture in the room’s air before it even circulates through the coils. It would be best to open the windows instead of running your air conditioning unit to cool off your house when the outside temperatures are a bit mild.

2. Poor Airflow

Your AC largely depends on the smooth flow of air through the coils to function properly. If there is a buildup of debris, dust, and other obstacles on the coils, the ice-cold refrigerant in the coils cannot effectively absorb heat from the living space. Instead, the chilled refrigerant might absorb heat from the moisture on the unit’s coils, causing your unit to freeze. The only solution to clogged or blocked coils is simply good cleaning.

Airflow can also get blocked if the unit’s air filters get clogged with dirt, dust, or debris like pet dander. Make sure you clean the air filters at the front part of the AC unit. The air filters help keep the air conditioner’s coils clean and need to be cleaned or checked monthly, especially during the cooling months.

The other thing that can inhibit airflow in your house is draperies or furniture that block the AC’s vents. Ensure that air is flowing freely out and inside your air conditioning unit.

3. Low Refrigerant Levels

Your air conditioning unit may also freeze up if it has slow leaks that cause low refrigerant levels. As a result, there will be low flow in the AC, and the system will not cool the air efficiently. Low levels of refrigerant will also force it to expand more considerably within the unit as it changes from liquid form to gas. More expansion will ultimately result in lower temperatures that can free any moisture fairly fast.

Low refrigerant levels indicate a slow leak. Only a certified technician should locate and fix the leaks before recharging the unit with refrigerant.

4. Incorrect Thermostat Setting

When running your air conditioning unit at very low temperatures over a long time, you might run into freezing problems. You can try adjusting the thermostat to a moderate setting to prevent the freezing issue.

5. Compressor Issues

A faulty compressor that does not pump the chilled refrigerant properly might not cool the unit’s coils effectively to turn off the appliance’s cold control. Instead, the temperature might linger above the level, causing the air conditioning unit to shut off automatically. The condensed moisture will eventually begin an ice buildup because the coils remain cool continually.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to fix a faulty compressor, which means you will need a replacement. If you have window ACs, it’s usually more convenient to replace the whole unit instead of investing in compressor replacement or repairs.

Summing up

Your air conditioning unit is usually meant to cool the air inside your house but not to cool itself to the point of freezing up. Your unit might freeze due to any of the above reasons. Regardless of the freezing causes, do not rush the thawing process by applying any form of heat to the frozen parts. Proper filter care and routine maintenance check-ups can significantly reduce the probability of your unit freezing up.

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