October 20, 2020

5 Reasons You Should Replace Your HVAC System in the Fall

If you have an older HVAC system, don’t wait until it breaks down to get a new one. Scheduling your replacement for fall can make the entire process a lot easier. There are several reasons to pick fall as the time for your HVAC replacement. Whether your priority is saving the most money or getting the most convenient replacement time, autumn is an excellent choice.

1. Save Big on Your Heating Bill

In the past few years, HVAC manufacturers have improved efficiency drastically. Compared to a model from a decade or two ago, a brand-new HVAC machine will cost far less to operate each month. Furthermore, most older systems on the verge of replacement have a few little operational issues that make them use more power than they used to. When you know your new HVAC install will save you a lot of money on utilities, why wait? By getting it in place right before winter starts, you have a high-efficiency machine that can run through the coldest of winter storms without resulting in massive utility costs.

2. Stay Comfortable During the Installation Process

No matter how speedy your HVAC installers are, an HVAC replacement will typically require you to spend a few days without a fully operational system in place. If you want to avoid potential discomfort, fall is definitely the ideal time. For many homeowners, your HVAC system is barely in use during fall anyway. Unlike summer or winter, fall is neither blazing hot nor freezing cold. There is also far less humidity than in spring. With dry, breezy days and mild nights, you can get away with not running the HVAC for a little bit. Scheduling your HVAC installation at a wise time will minimize discomfort for your whole family.

3. Avoid the Inconvenience of Midwinter HVAC Breakdowns

After sitting unused for a year, your aging heater is more likely to break down once you start running it nonstop. This leads to a broken heater right when you need it the most. Then you end up with unpleasant inconveniences like paying for emergency repair or huddling beneath blankets in a freezing home. Getting a new HVAC system before winter lets you make sure you are prepared for the harshest time of the year. You can be confident that you will stay toasty warm throughout the holidays. Instead of having to be cautious with an HVAC that is barely functional, you can go ahead and run your new system as long as you want to.

4. Select a Time When Local HVAC Companies Are Less Busy

For most HVAC companies, summer and winter are their busiest times of year. Going with an installation in the fall allows you to work with a company who has a little more breathing room in its schedule. They may be able to put more technicians on your job, ensuring that things get done just a little faster. In addition to being able to schedule a more convenient time, going with a less busy HVAC company may also result in savings. Some companies will offer special installation deals during the fall to drum up a little extra business during a slow season.

5. Take Advantage of Seasonal Savings on HVAC models

Just like HVAC installation companies, HVAC manufacturers also have less customers during the fall. Analysis of year-round HVAC prices shows that models reach an all-time low in the fall. This happens because manufacturers are trying to clear away old inventory before they release new models during their busy season. By getting an HVAC replacement a few months before it is absolutely necessary, you can actually end up saving hundreds of dollars. The lower prices also allow you the option of getting a top-of-the-line, high-efficiency model that saves you more money in the future.

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