April 19, 2022
Smart Thermostat in Northglenn, CO

The energy bills for your Northglenn, CO home are likely a constant concern. Many homeowners throughout the greater Denver metro area are spending considerable sums each year to keep their living environments at safe, comfortable temperatures.

The good news is that you can easily cut both your energy use and your utility costs by investing in a smart thermostat. These simple yet highly effective devices make it infinitely easier to control your HVAC system and prevent energy waste. Read on to discover five ways in which a smart thermostat can help you save.

1. A Smart Thermostat Can Streamline HVAC Use to Suit Your Schedule

Standard thermostats can be adjusted manually to meet your immediate heating and cooling needs while you’re in the home. Programmable thermostats can be set to reflect your typical daily schedule. Smart thermostats, however, can be streamlined to suit your schedule even as it evolves and changes.

With both smart and programmable thermostats, homeowners have the ability to prevent unnecessary HVAC activity when their living spaces are unoccupied or when fewer occupants are present. One of the primary differences between these two thermostat types is that homeowners don’t have to be as hands-on with smart thermostats. By tracking and recording user data, smart thermostats are capable of adjusting themselves as needed.

2. You Can Control the Temperature in Your Home Remotely

Programmable thermostats work best for households with static schedules. However, it’s not uncommon to have house guests, changes in your workday, or household members who are home from work or school. Unlike programmable thermostats, smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled. You can use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone to make adjustments whenever necessary by using a mobile app. With access to a mobile app for smart thermostat control, you’ll also find it easy to view and leverage all the information on your home energy use that your thermostat has collected.

3. You Can Track Your Energy Use With a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are constantly logging data. If you’ve been wondering why your energy bill is on the rise, a smart thermostat can likely tell you. These devices come with comprehensive manuals and a wealth of energy-saving strategies. You can use these resources along with your thermostat’s stored data to determine the best temperature zones for ensuring optimum home comfort and maximum energy savings. You can also track how your energy use changes or has changed over time.

4. Bypass the Limitations of Programmable Thermostats

For those who have yet to move beyond outdated “standard” thermostats, programmable thermostats are often confused with smart ones. While programmable thermostats, as their name implies, can be programmed to adjust temperatures according to your coming and going, smart thermostats auto-adjust temperature settings in accordance with your habits.

If you’ve already upgraded to a programmable thermostat, opting for a smart device can produce even greater savings. Smart thermostats can make adjustments even when you aren’t actively paying attention to your energy use. They take the extra work out of energy management so that neglect, oversight, and even misunderstandings about how to best use these appliances don’t wind up costing you extra money.

5. Smart Thermostats Have Long-Term Learning Capabilities

“Smart thermostat” is by no means a misnomer. In fact, these devices live up to their name incredibly well. Not only do they provide mobile access via Wi-Fi capabilities for app-based temperature adjustments, but they’re also constantly collecting data and learning from it.

Through a combination of movement sensors, data recording, and advanced technologies that allow them to leverage collected data, many smart thermostats become increasingly adept at adjusting their settings to reflect resident habits. Over time, this means that your smart thermostat will rely less upon commands that have been directly input by you and be better able to anticipate the movements and needs of household members. This allows for constantly increasing levels of efficiency that no other thermostat type can rival.

Despite their impressive range of capabilities, smart thermostats are also relatively easy and inexpensive to install. This is especially true when seasoned HVAC professionals handle the smart thermostat installation. There’s no need to make major building modifications and no need for extra thermostat wiring. You can have your smart thermostat put in right where your old standard or programmable thermostat was before.

At Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we offer an expansive range of HVAC services to residents of the greater Denver metro area. Since 2007, we’ve been providing the latest and most cutting-edge HVAC solutions to our residential and commercial clients. You can turn to us for heating and cooling installation, maintenance, repairs, and first-rate indoor air quality services. We can even take care of your smart thermostat installation. If you’re ready to upgrade the thermostat in your Northglenn home to a smart one, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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