November 13, 2023
AC System in Northglenn, CO

Part of the appeal of living in Colorado is how the state experiences all four seasons. The climate appeals to many people, but it can also affect the lifespan of an HVAC system. Cold winters and hot summers cause people to rely on their heating and cooling units to stay safe and comfortable. Learning how the weather can affect HVAC units can help homeowners keep their systems more efficient and potentially last longer.

Weather Affects HVAC Systems

The length and severity of each season can play a role in the condition of heating and cooling units. Colorado often experiences long, cold winters that require heating systems to operate consistently for months. Extreme bouts of wintery weather add even more stress to an already busy heater. During severe weather events, there are often power outages and surges that may cause damage or strain on the system.

The transition from one temperature to another as the seasons change can mean heating and cooling a home during the same week and occasionally on the same day. These transitions, especially when accompanied by the humidity common in spring and fall, can make the system work harder to keep the interior environment comfortable, even as the outside weather becomes less extreme.

Air quality is another concern that can cause an HVAC system to work more frequently. Spring in Colorado includes pollen and other allergens that affect home comfort levels. Wildfires also pose a risk to air quality during summer and fall. The heavy air particulates caused by fires and allergens can clog filters in an HVAC system and collect within any ductwork. The result can mean reduced system efficiency, so it must work harder to produce the warm or cool air the homeowner needs.

Extreme Use Causes Concerns

HVAC systems, like anything, wear out sooner when they experience more use. The lifespan of a heating system can range from 15-20 years, but some variables can affect it. It is not only the need to replace a system that people must consider. Faster wear causes a higher risk of breakdowns and more maintenance concerns. The strain on the system components can affect any part of the system and cause unexpected breakdowns when the home needs the unit the most.

Stay Proactive for Protection

Extreme weather conditions in Denver keep our team at Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. busy throughout the year. As heating and cooling systems experience increased workloads, HVAC technicians become busier. The wait time for service calls can increase during these more hectic times, so homeowners need to prepare their systems beforehand.

Homeowners have multiple options for improving the efficiency and reliability of their systems. Taking proactive steps will reduce the risk of a breakdown and allow the system to provide adequate climate control more affordable.

Annual maintenance visits enable technicians to identify and repair damaged or worn parts. A thorough cleaning keeps the system running efficiently, so it will not have to work harder to provide adequate heating and cooling. Replacing or cleaning filters can improve interior air quality and help reduce operating costs.

An inspection by an HVAC technician can determine if an upgrade is necessary. An inability to keep the home warm or cool enough for comfort could also mean the system is not large enough for the house. A home addition or a remodel that creates more open areas could require an HVAC upgrade. Reduced efficiency can also occur as heating systems age.

Protect Your HVAC System

Upgrading the thermostat is another potentially beneficial change. A smart thermostat enables homeowners to regulate temperatures during unpredictable weather, even when no one is home. Smart thermostats often reduce energy costs without reducing comfort for the residents. People can adjust the temperatures for minimal energy output when the house is empty and for a home at the preferred temperature when they arrive. Some thermostats also monitor the HVAC system to track energy use and system efficiency and to receive alerts for maintenance concerns.

At Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we offer regular maintenance and service calls for HVAC clients throughout Denver and the surrounding area. We also install thermostats and can replace and upgrade heating and cooling systems. We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan that helps improve system efficiency and reliability.

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