Regular home HVAC air conditioner system and mini-split next to each other.Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is the HVAC company to turn to for heat pumps in Arvada, CO. Our certified HVAC technicians have experience with all types of heat pump repair and can ensure your heating and AC work effectively. We’re also ready to help if you want to install a heat pump or need to have your system maintained.

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    Heat Pump Repair and Installation

    Despite what many people think, heat pumps are an effective option in Colorado. While a heat pump can easily keep your home cool in the summer, it will also provide effective heating in the winter. You will need an auxiliary heating option for when the heat pump defrosts or in rare situations where it is too cold for it to work.

    Nonetheless, most heat pump systems are designed for use in cold climates and come with auxiliary heating in the form of electric heat strips. These heat strips use much more energy than a heat pump, but they will still ensure your home is always warm enough. They also provide emergency heating in case your heat pump suddenly stops working.

    A heat pump almost always allows you to heat your home more cheaply than any other option. The only real downside is that it may need more maintenance or repairs. A heat pump provides heating and air conditioning, which means it is used more annually than other HVAC units. Despite this, it will still usually be the more cost-effective choice since you only need one unit instead of two.

    heat pump repair

    Getting any issues with your heat pump repaired promptly is important to ensure you always have heating or AC. It can also significantly affect how long your heat pump lasts and how much energy it uses.

    If you notice any of these issues, you can count on our heat pump repair experts to help:
    • Can’t switch between cooling and heating modes
    • Increasing electricity bills
    • Heat pump often shuts down prematurely
    • Loud operation or unusual noises
    • Heat pump won’t defrost

    Heat Pumps in Arvada

    Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has been serving the Arvada area since 2007, and we’re ready to handle all of your heat pump needs. Our highly skilled, certified HVAC technicians can repair and service every make and model.

    We are proud to be a Rheem Pro Partner MVP, installing heat pumps from other top brands like Lennox. We offer a 10-year parts and labor warranty on all units we install, and financing is also available on approved credit.

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