February 18, 2021

Windows offer so much more than picturesque views and natural lighting. They also play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency. While airtight windows can drastically improve efficiency, windows with drafts and leaks can be problematic. Luckily, there are easy ways to shore up your windows against the elements.

Here at Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., our technicians know everything there is to know about home energy efficiency. We have been Northington, CO’s, heating and cooling experts since 2007. Our technicians are well-versed in how to prevent your furnace and AC from overworking. Continue reading to learn our secrets for energy-efficient windows.

1. Window Awnings Block Sunlight

Rays of sunlight streaming through your window may look beautiful, but they can also cause your home’s internal temperature to rise. This spike in temperature will make your air conditioner work harder to keep your home comfortable. The harder your AC works, the higher your utility bills will climb. Fortunately, window awnings can reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches your windows. Awnings come in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials, so your new additions will match your style. Installing awnings can be done at home with a ladder and a power drill, but the job can be dangerous and challenging. If you’re not DIY savvy, local handymen and exterior remodelers would also be happy to do the job.

2. Window Treatments Prevent Drafts

If you’ve ever stood near a drafty window during winter, then you know how chilly it can be. All that cold air can seriously bring down the temperature in your home, causing your heater to kick into overdrive. Installing window treatments, like drapes or curtains, can help insulate your window from those unwanted drafts. Simply close the curtains on cool, windy days to block the draft from entering your home. You can also open the drapes on a hot day if your home is chilly and you’d like to bring in some natural warmth. Keep in mind that curtains made of thicker materials work better than thin, gauzy curtains, which are mostly for show.

3. Caulk Prevents Air Seepage

If your windows have a serious air leak, then drapes alone are probably not enough. Instead, you’ll need a more heavy-duty solution. Caulk is a tough, fast-drying material, and perfect for small nooks and crannies that drapes can’t adequately cover. Caulking your windows can be a DIY job, but a handyman can also handle it if you’re not feeling caulk-savvy. Caulk comes in different colors, including shades of white, gray, black, and brown, so the caulk will blend seamlessly with your existing window frame.

4. Window Film Repels Sunlight

Window film is another easy DIY way to make your windows more energy efficient. Window films are available in a variety of opacities to accommodate even the sunniest windows. Most hardware stores carry window film, and it’s easy to install on your own. The film is flexible and naturally clingy, so you simply have to roll it out, measure it, and press it to your windowpane. Some films are even textured to look like stained glass and other beautiful designs. On top of energy efficiency, window film creates a privacy screen, so it’s perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms.

5. Install Exterior Shutters

Shutters not only look quaint and rustic but also improve the energy efficiency of your windows. It’s easy to open and close shutters throughout the day to regulate how much sunlight your home receives. On cold, sunny days, you can open your shutters to get a boost of natural warmth. On hot days, you can simply close the shutters to keep the temperature in your home naturally cooler. While shutters require a bit more manual work than window film or awnings, they offer a greater degree of flexibility.

Northington’s Heating and Cooling Pros

Many homeowners don’t realize that their windows play a vital role in home energy efficiency. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to improve window efficiency. Simply cutting down the amount of sunlight entering the window and eliminating pesky drafts can do the trick. For more advanced energy efficiency solutions, you can rely on experts from Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.. We provide top-notch heating and cooling services, including installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance. We’ll ensure your entire system is operating at peak energy efficiency and comfort. Contact Unique Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today to learn more!

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