August 18, 2021
Heat pump in Northglenn, CO

An air conditioner is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances any homeowner can have. This explains why the majority of the households in the United States own an AC system.

Now, after you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase a new AC unit for your home, you might be wondering about how you can go about the installation process. In reality, there are two ways you can install an AC unit in your home.

You can go the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) way, or you can simply hire a professional to do it for you. Opting for the DIY approach with your AC installation is not recommended.

This is because the whole installation process is complex and could also turn dangerous if you don’t have the expertise to do it. On the other hand, hiring a licensed professional HVAC installer will cost you more, but the job will be done in the best way possible.

To give you an insight into how an AC is properly installed, here is a step-by-step guide of the whole process.

Pre-Installation Evaluation

Before the installation process for your new AC can begin, a licensed professional HVAC installer will come to your home and evaluate your current air conditioning system.

The installer will then come up with the Manual J load calculation, which determines the exact amount of heat that your home or office gains in a single day. With the Manual J load calculation figured out, the professional installer will determine the size of the AC unit you’ll need to keep your home cool.

Removal of the Old AC Unit

If your home already has an air conditioning system in place, the next step will be to remove it to give way for the replacement. In this step, the professional installer might require access to your home’s attic or crawl space.

By accessing the attic, the professional HVAC installer will then remove the refrigerant from your current air conditioning system, and get it out of the way for the new unit.

Duct Modification/Repair

In some cases, you’ll find out that the ductwork isn’t part of the installation process of the new AC unit. However, it is very important to do a ductwork repair or modification before your new HVAC system is installed.

If your home doesn’t have a ductwork system in place, you can always opt for a ductless HVAC system. However, if you want the other type of AC unit, ductwork repair and modification are necessary.

This is because ensuring that the ductwork in place is of great condition and isn’t worn-out guarantees that the AC unit will function efficiently once it has been fully installed. This is because any air leaks on your ductwork could lead to energy losses and poor cooling and heating patterns.

In most cases, the cost for a ductwork repair or modification is usually indicated on the quote you receive from the professional HVAC installer.

The Installation of the New AC Unit

Once everything is in order, it’s time for the actual installation of the new AC unit. It’s important to note that the actual installation process for the new HVAC unit might need work done inside and outside your home.

So it’s very important that you grant the professional HVAC installer and the crew, space they need to install the unit. In this step, several components will be installed.

These are the components include condensate drain lines, condensate pump, inside air handler/evaporator, outside compressor, thermostat, and refrigerant supply lines.

It’s important to note that the professional installer and the crew might also need to upgrade your home’s wiring system and the circuit breakers. However, if your wiring system is faulty and requires more electrical expertise, you might need to call in a licensed electrical contractor.

Testing the New AC Unit

The last step of the whole process will involve the installation crew performing vacuum and pressure tests to ensure that everything is working properly. After that, the professional installer will also show you how to operate the AC unit and the thermostat.

This is also the time you’ll be provided with a warranty and the necessary paperwork. Ensure that you read everything carefully before signing.


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